About The Company

ABIRA GROUP is a rising star in the real estate firmament of the country, with a growing presence in the residential and commercial sectors. With a sizeable number of prime properties in West Bengal, the National Capital Region and other states in their portfolio, and several development projects already on the anvil, the Company is committed to strict quality adherence, time-bound execution, and the utmost customer satisfaction.

The Group was incorporated on May 31, 2010. Established and promoted by a first-generation entrepreneur with remarkable foresight and conviction, the Company is being steered by a group of dedicated and experienced professionals in institutional finance, administration and construction. Abira Group has an authorized capital of Rs. 250 crores, with a paid-up share capital over Rs. 160 crores. It is thus a highly capitalized company and aims at emerging as a leading player in real estate in the country. The company, has, as of now, over a few lakhs square feet of space in the pipeline, to be developed over the next 3 to 5 years.


Abira's business plan envisions the development and creation of residential, commercial, retail and hospitality complexes and properties. To achieve this objective, the company has already in its possession large, geographically diversified land reserves in several cities, and is in a position to offer a wide range of high-range, customized products to its customers, present and potential.


Surpassing the highest expectations of our clients is our mission. We at "Abira" aim to design, build deliver abodes and work places of superlative quality and state-of-the-art functionality, within assured parameters of time and space. More, we are committed to create structures, which will be landmarks in their assigned socio-cultural milieus, and will enhance the quality of life of their occupants. We intend also to ensure complete transparency in our dealings with stakeholders, partners, employees, suppliers, investors and regulators alike.

Core Values


We develop trust though honesty and transparency in intentions and actions, thereby speeding up operations.


We work with inter and intra departmental unity so as to align our vision.


We continuously strive for customer satisfaction by being responsive in every situation, both in case of internal as well as external customers.


We establish and maintain discipline coated with trust and generate ownership at every level.


We integrate the best systems and processes to achieve consistent results for our clients and associates.

Our Team

We have taken steps towards establishing a strong and dedicated team of professionals and understanding the nerve of the huge real estate industry. We have given an inherent strength to the company to grow at high speed, and aim, in addition to our emphasis on the housing sector, to gain the experience of servicing the complex requirements of large corporate clients.

The knowledge and experience of our Board of Directors will be reflected on the growth curve of the company, and help to achieve our aggressive goal of customer satisfaction.

Our Industry-certified consultants and advisors bring to the table an impressive array of skills to provide "best-in-class" solutions for our clients. Our architectural planning is being masterminded by a host of eminent and internationally acclaimed professionals and consultants.

We rely greatly on the intellectual stimulation and cross-fertilization of ideas generated by a wide array of our employees. With a team of visionary and highly efficient support staff, we are already on the way to re-define the real estate job horizon. A sense of ownership, focus on high performance and dedication, an open culture and a caring environment are the characteristics we share and bank upon. Our work ethic empowers, engages and constantly sets new targets for our staff members to achieve.

Abira Group's Research and Development team is always pushing the envelope for new solutions and shifting its horizons of knowledge. Our R&D skills are to be updated through a series of intensive training programmes and exposure to the latest cutting-edge technologies and tools available in India and elsewhere in the world.